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  • Will the provided stem cap fit my bike?
    It should. This was designed for the majority of Mountain Stems which have a standard diameter (1 1/8" steer tube). You will utilize your current stem bolt into your existing star nut. Worst case, would be a new stem bolt if your exotic bolt head protrudes and interferes with the speaker when mounted. If you have a stem cap that is not compatible, the Handlebar Mount will ensure you can mount a Cricket Speaker on your bike.
  • How do I install my Cricket Speaker and/or handlebar mount? Do I need a bike mechanic ?
    No, you can do it!! Just don't loosen your two stem bolts. Typical installation utilizes a standard allen key to remove the old stem cap and replace with the new stem cap. You can find installation instructions on the 'Installation' page of this site. If you are looking to install the handlebar mount, you can also find installation instructions on the 'installation' page of this site.
  • How do I pair the speaker to my phone?
    Turn on the speaker by pressing down until it beeps. Look on your phone's bluetooth list for 'Cricket'. Select it and they will connect and maintain connection.
  • How do I control the songs and volume?
    Pushing down on the speaker will pause/resume playback from your phone. Pushing down during a phone call will answer the call and hang-up. All other controls are on your phone.
  • How loud is the speaker?
    The speaker is designed to be louder than most cell phones, but quieter than a large mobile speaker. The sound is optimized for the riders experience while respecting others.
  • How long does the battery last?
    Longer than our rides ! We find a fully charged speaker lasts greater than 3 hours but it does depend on how high you set the volume.
  • How do I charge my Cricket Speaker?
    The Cricket Speaker must first be removed from your bike for charging. The sealing skirt should be removed (can be slid over the charging cord so it doesn't get lost!). Plug the USB cord into the port and a suitable adaptor. The indicator light on the bottom of the unit will turn RED until the Cricket Speaker is charged. The indicator light will turn off when fully charged.
  • Do I need to buy a Stem Cap?
    No, a stem cap is included with your Cricket Speaker. It is hidden in the silicone rubber cap cover. You can buy an 'extra' stem cap if you want to mount your Cricket Speaker on an additional bike. If you buy a handlebar mount, it counts on you either having the stem cap provided with your Cricket Speaker, or an additional stem cap if it is for another bike. So you only need to buy a stem cap if the handlebar mount is for an extra bike.
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