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Installation - Cricket Speaker

Mounting to a 1 1/8" Steer Tube.  Conventional Stem.

NOTE: you do NOT loosen the 2 horizontal stem bolts at any point during installation.

1. Use a 5mm Allen Wrench to remove existing Stem Cap Bolt.


2. Replace existing stem cap and bolt with the provided Cricket             

     Speaker Stem cap and bolt.  Tighten gently.

3.  Screw the Cricket Speaker onto the new Stem Cap. 


NOTE: The Cricket Speaker stem cap was designed to work with a typical socket cap bolt (provided).  Other stem cap bolts may protrude past the Cricket Speaker stem cap when assembled and  might interfere with the speaker power button.  If this happens, you will need to use the provided socket cap bolt ( M6-1.0 x 35mm).

Bluetooth Connection

NOTE:  the speaker is meant to connect to a smart phone via bluetooth.  Audio controls remain on the smartphone.

1. Hold the button on the bottom of the speaker for ~ 4 sec.

2. Look on your phones bluetooth list for 'Cricket'.

3. Connect

Installation - Handle Bar Mount

The CRICKET SPEAKER™ handlebar mount is designed to work with the CRICKET SPEAKER™ System.  The CRICKET SPEAKER™ stem cap from the original speaker system is utilized with the handlebar mount.


Mounting Instructions

  • Thick Rubber Bushing – is utilized for 22.22 mm bar mount locations.

  • Thin Rubber Bushing – is utilized for 31.8 mm bar mount locations.

  • No Rubber Bushing is utilized for 35 mm bar mount locations.

  1. Determine the diameter of your mount location and select the right mounting bushing from above.

  2. Place the appropriate bushing in the desired mount location.

  3. Place the handlebar clamp over the bushing in the correct mount location.

  4. Tighten the two clamp screws loosely, ensuring an even gap exists on each side of clamp. 

  5. Ensure clamp is in the right location and rotated to the desired position.

  6. Tighten until the mount no longer spins on the handlebar.

  7. Place Thread Lock on the short M5 bolt provided.

  8. Fasten the CRICKET SPEAKER™ Stem Cap to the clamp using the M5 bolt (with thread lock) provided.

  9. Thread the CRICKET SPEAKER™ onto the stem cap.  The speaker should only require light tightening to remain in place.

Handlebar clamp image.png
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